Threading Tapes

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Threading Tapes


What would a Mellotron get-together be without someone threading some tapes?

Mellotron tape spools - "The End!!"

Ken Leonard and a Mellotron M400 Tape Frame Your Webmaster brought along one of the tape frames that came in with the Mouseotron.  The frame was cleaned up and readied for "The Dreary Set" of 'tron tapes---Piano, Smooth Organ (as in The Moody's "Peak Hour"), and Electric Guitar.  All very classic, all very 'tronny, all very dreary.

Mellotron Tape Threading
Tape threading in progress
(click for a larger image)

Thanks to Larry Fast for the use of his machine as a mule for the tape threading.  :-)

Of course not everything was work over the Mellotron Weekend -- no way!  We also had a fun Fourth of July Celebration! -->