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Further EM Information on the Internet

In my web travels, I've bookmarked a number of GREAT sites and have run across some pretty useful e-mail lists. This isn't the entire collection, of course, but from these few links you'll eventually bump into everything you'd ever wanted to know about electronic music---but didn't know where to start on the net. Enjoy!

Electronic Music sites and E-mail lists SynGate

Online Directory of Electronic Music

SynGate:  The gate to synthesizer based music...EM news and information.

A companion to SynGate, the Online Directory is a list of EM web sites.

Beyond EM The "Beyond EM" e-mail list at Yahoo! Groups contains much of the same type of discussion of the GoldTri list but has appearances many familiar EM artists.  The discussion is a little more relaxed and open than on GoldTri.
Gearhead Many "Beyond_EM" folks are here discussing synths, sequencers, software, computers, ...
ElectronicMusic A splinter group of GoldTri and Beyond_EM created by someone who sometimes had heated discussions on those two e-mail lists, so he decided to go off on his own.
Electroambient Space "The Discerning Guide to Instrumental Electronic Music"
On-line magazine with reviews and interviews.
On-line Record Stores Quantum Productions Netherlands-based record label.  Signed to this label is none other than Free System Projekt.
SMD Synth Music Direct is the site for great EM as well as Dave Law's Neu Harmony record label.
GROOVE (formerly CUE) Records GROOVE, from the Netherlands, provides electronic music on their own label as well as other labels.
EUROCK Archie Patterson has been on the cutting edge for years.  Eurock, too, has its own record label.