The background music for the Mark II Reveal Movie had to come from somewhere!  Your Webmaster traveled to Pennsylvania to visit with Jimmy Moore and family over Christmas Week 2006.  Folks know Jimmy as the US East Coast Representative for Streetly Electronics.

So it was back to The Basement at at the Moore Ranch outside of Philadelphia, and we had a fun week of recording, jamming, learning, fighting with equipment, drinking, eating, and just hanging out.

Jimmy Moore mans the custom built DAW.
There are some preamps/DIs ahead of the Presonus FirePod inputs.
Compared to the old Dell that we used to record
Improvised Waves,
this new DAW hardly burped!

Always up for trying something new, we used these strange things called "drums" on the recording.  Imagine that!

Jimmy Moore's son Jimmy, Jr. sat at the kit.


In addition to the drums, we also used the recently recorded Mellotron French Horn.  Supplied by Mellotronist Rick Blechta, the French Horn sound is solid, and it'll give you that "Ivan Hoe" blast when you need it.  On this recording we double-tracked the French Horn.  Can you say, "HUGE!!!"???


Your Webmaster took the whole mess of recorded bits home and mixed/mastered them (and, no, will never be happy with the results...ever).

The recording used the Korg X3, the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5,
the Roland MKS-80, and the Mellotron (Jimmy's "Formicatron").
The Juno 106 and the DX7 were used only as keyboard controllers,
and the Alesis Andromeda A6 and Kawai K5000R
just stood by watching patiently.

The Formicatron

As always, Jimmy, his wife Nancy, and the family were great hosts!  I look forward to seeing them again soon.

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